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Aurea Praga | The Unicorn Mask

Aurea Praga | The Unicorn Mask

75 EUR
Áurea Praga, Portugal
Ring, Animal Shadows

"Once upon a time, there was a place where gods were tiny animals. As they were facing an unknown threat that meant to steal their individual nature, they chose to wear masks to protect their inner identity, opting thus for an anonymous life.
The only remaining traces of this unfortunate creatures existence is a series of 8 deity masks made of bronze and a set of damaged surveillance pictures, allegedly taken right before they were mysteriously annihilated, vanishing into thin air."

Materials |  bronze, green patina, elastic string.
More info | Each individual ring has a slightly different patina with black and green stains that makes it a unique piece. Although the patina is coated, to prevent it from changing or wearing off, it's advisable to keep it from acid liquids or extreme heat.