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Theresa Storbacka | Currently

Theresa Storbacka | Currently

95 EUR
Theresa Storbacka Finland
Rings for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

"Using a lot of time on technological devices and social media can be an obstacle to experiencing the physical surrounding. Time can easily be spent in the virtual reality creating content and performing emotions instead of actually feeling what’s present here and now. This can suppress one’s real-life experiences. Joining natural and technological materials in unexpected and playful ways celebrates the need to experience emotions and tactility."

Materials | labradorite (left), yellow quartz (centre), tiger’s eye (right), electrical copper wire
Danger, High Voltage (left): 32x40x50mm (ring size: PT14 - ⌀1.725cm)
Caution, Sensitive Electronic Device (centre): 34x45x39mm (ring size: PT14 - ⌀1.725cm)
Beware, Electronic Power Lines (right): 33x37x40mm (ring size: PT14 - ⌀1.725cm)