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TelmaDA | Matrix

90 EUR 67.50 EUR
TelmaDA | Telma Ferreira Portugal

Earrings for Tincal lab Challenge 2016 "Jewelry and Cinema"

"Under the motto of Cinema, the choice would obviously have to befall under an iconic and inspirational movie of its time and none meets this criteria better than “The Matrix”.
That being said, in the making of this piece, there was a clear intention of giving a three-dimensional appearance through the use of two rectangular shaped elements intersecting in an oblique but subtle way. The “Matrix Code” is maybe the most clear inspritational clue from the movie, engraved in a minimalist way throughout the piece. We are dealing with a pair of earrings, black and asymmetric where the opposition of “stationary” and “motion” are clearly present. "

Materials | thermolaminate, silver
Size | 80x10x17mm