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TADAM! | Milky dougnut with black chocolate sprinkles

TADAM! | Milky dougnut with black chocolate sprinkles

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TADAM! | Lithuania


This sweet Milky doughnut with black chocolate sprinkles looks like and even smells like a real dessert snack, but is handcrafted from clay using high-quality materials and is fired in a ceramic oven up to two times. It is decorated with black ceramic chocolate sprinkles.

The pendant necklace - a real surprise gift - is beautifully lying atop the pastry-scented shredded paper and is locked in a fancy black octahedron-shaped box. The jewelry itself also absorbs the “delicious” fragrance, which the “dessert” owner can smell for quite a long time when wearing the jewelry, especially if its being kept in the scented box. Also, an additionally enclosed original black linen bag is designed to keep and carry the jewellery safely and comfortably.

"The Sweet Course for Your Eyes" concept jewellery collection is the winner of the Lithuanian national GOOD DESIGN 2013 award.

Attention! The jewellery you order and the one in the picture may slightly vary. Individual production process makes each item unique and precious.

Materials | silver, ceramics

Size | the doughnut pendant diameter is about 3cm (1.2 in), it comes with a 75cm (29.5 in) long sterling silver chain