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Sophie Symes | Queens of the Stone Age

Sophie Symes | Queens of the Stone Age

74 EUR
Sophie Symes UK
Necklace and ring/pendant for Tincal lab Challenge 2017 "Jewelry and Music"

"Inspired by the music of Queens of the Stone Age, specifically the tracks entitled “Into the Hollow” and “No One Knows”, as they tie into the artist's overarching theme of highlighting the overwhelming feelings associated with mental health issues. The surreal lyrics and dark overtones were used as inspiration when creating these beautifully organic yet slightly sinister pieces that depict a depressive feeling as a natural, lichen-like form. The oppressive feelings are hidden in plain sight and seen here physically growing over the body."

Materials | silver
Size | Into The Hollow: 350x24x12mm | No One Knows II: 43x23x13mm (UK size: N - ⌀1.692cm)