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Silver Lining by Maria Novaes | Once For...

Silver Lining by Maria Novaes | Once For...

60 EUR
Silver Lining by Maria Novaes Portugal
Brooch for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

""The sophisticated human life would not have been possible without the invention of a small nail”.
A nail for fastening, peg, piercing. A nail has a binding power and the strength to hold together. Because this nail is made from iron it is believed to possess magical properties. You have found a rusty nail - what a luck! Use a hammer and drive it into place with four strikes "Once for luck, once for health, once for love and once for"... whatever… but I suggest you ask for #elenao #nothim #nomoremonsters - otherwise this will be "the final nail in our coffin”."

Materials | iron nail, silver, silver leaf 
Size | 63x19x19mm