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Sara Shahak | Sharp Nature

Sara Shahak | Sharp Nature

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Sara Shahak Israel
Brooches for Tincal lab Challenge 2017 "Jewelry and Music"

"“Sharp Nature” collection is characterised by experimentation and exploration of possibilities of transforming materials and shapes.
Shahak’s love to metals makes her investigate industrial readymade objects, among iron bells. These playful, shiny and noisy objects that are intended to be children’s toys, decorations and costumes accessories, these hollow, closed, “cocoon” shapes, fascinated and challenged her.
This transformation emphasises the constant birth and return of all life, from and to the “shut condition” of the cocoon, which is the larval source for all changes.
Shahak splits, cuts, bends and solders those strong iron shapes, transforming them into butterflies and thistles."

Materials | iron, brass, enamel, lacquer
Size | Thorns: 77x25x30mm | Blue Sharp Butterflies: 95x90x18mm