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Olga Marques | Jack

Olga Marques | Jack

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Olga Marques Portugal

Earrings for Tincal lab Challenge 2016 "Jewelry and Cinema"

"Dear Jack had a part to play in his town of Halloween

Inspiring earrings made not of copper nor clay

But molding wax, silver with paint in between


Soon by would be a name, three times said could make one insane

How to represent the loving Beetlejuice and his crazed brain

How about a ring? With a silver maggot and black stripped attire

You must look your best as a bio-exorcist for hire


It doesn´t have to make sense, it´s candy - Once charlie said

Inside a magical factory he was eager to explore.

The words of Tim Burton had so much more

Sparked this jeweller’s work and imagination for the challenge ahead. "

Materials | silver, enamel

Size | 27x20x25mm approx. each