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Olga Marques | Edith + Cora

Olga Marques | Edith + Cora

70 EUR
Olga Marques Portugal
Necklace and earrings for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

"As the wonder of the Victorian age unraveled with the bystander awe so our new future will amaze us.
No matter how far or where We will travel, all was built on top of a Cog Wheel and its delicate intricacies. Let it be a symbol of Human Endeavour, Thinking and Development as from a small Cog a Fantastic machine could be built and thus We Dream. Let the Cog Wheel symbolise Human hardship and perseverance as progress came with high costs and points of no return.
Let the Cog Wheel represent me as part of all what’s to come."

Materials | silver, brass, zirconia
Size | earrings: 40x40x0,7mm (each), necklace: 40x520x5mm (with chain)