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NIIRO jewelry | Hemisphere I

NIIRO jewelry | Hemisphere I

100 EUR
NIIRO jewelry | Rosanna Raljevic Ceglar | Croatia / Slovenija
Brooch for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

"Rosanna’s early work was in paper, in which she translated natural colors and forms into her own creative language, developing ways of making the delicate paper jewelry wearable and durable. Later allowed her the opportunity to translate her work from paper into precious metals using different types of wires. The movement of the individual elements of nature, in particular those found in plants, are the constant inspiration behind Rosanna’s work. Intention is to create at the same time delicate and bold jewelry pieces, sculptural objects using handmade paper and technic of interlacing steel wire. This design is based on combinations of these two very different elements, aiming to dissolve the boundaries between them."

Materials | handmade paper, pigments, steel wire, brass
Size | 65x80x60mm