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Moritz von Coellen | Paulie Walnuts

Moritz von Coellen | Paulie Walnuts

65 EUR
Moritz von Coellen Germany
Necklace and earrings for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

"Von Coellen was inspired by the robotic arms, used for welding, gluing, painting, assembly and quality control in automotive industry. 
He wanted to create a necklace, reminding of their angular and robotic motion, that would still feel and look good around the neck. Making wood his material of choice he managed to combine the machine-like motion with a warm and light feeling on the skin."

Materials | walnut, brass, stainless steel
Size | earrings: 43x26x12mm each, necklace: 140x140x8mm
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