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Martacarmela Sotelo | Mirror 5

Martacarmela Sotelo | Mirror 5

100 EUR
Martacarmela Sotelo Mexico
Necklace for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

"We are refusing to live in the present because our concern is to catch and store memories, rather than enjoy the moment.
People use to relay on mirrors thinking they could find the past and the future in it. Now, we spend most of our days staring at the phone screen. We look for memories, photos, appointments, weather forecast, news, traffic… Martacarmela wants to show these old screens as a remainder to live the present and embrace our memories, not live to catch them, because the present will never come back, and the future is on the next corner."

Materials | old mobile phone screens, blackened silver nickel, silver, nylon thread
Size | 450x20x6mm (with thread)