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Marta Pinto Ribeiro | Rayograph II

95 EUR
Marta Pinto Ribeiro Portugal

Necklace for Tincal lab Challenge 2016 "Jewelry and Cinema"

“Rayograph I” and “Rayograph II” are inspired in Man Ray's film “Le Retour a la Raison” (1923), and try to be a a representation of noisy image and hardness presented in this film made with a selection of photograms - a technique to produce photographic images without a camera.
With the intention to carry us into this Man Ray’s experimental film - where the white specks and shapes are gyrating over a black background like it were dancing - these “Rayograph” allow us to play with its textured disks rotating around or simply feel the rigidity of materials and forms. "

Materials | silver, steel wire
Size | 325x115x18mm