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Marta Costa Reis | Major Tom + Vision

Marta Costa Reis | Major Tom + Vision

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Marta Costa Reis Portugal
Brooches for Tincal lab Challenge 2017 "Jewelry and Music"

"David Bowie was the inspiration for these works. Not one song or the other but the artist and the profound changes he brought into the world with his music, aesthetics and vision. Nobody better than him could express the times we lived in and he did it for over 40 years, literally until his death. The work "Vision" is representing the golden bindu dot he used on his forehead in the early years and evoques his incredible intuition and creativity and "Major Tom" is of course an homage to the always enchanting Space Oddity and to the man himself who leads us in such a marvellous voyage."

Materials | Major Tom: aluminium, brass, acrylic, alpaca clasp | Vision: brass, gold leaf, absolute black, alpaca clasp
Size | Major Tom: 113x60x8mm | Vision: 60x60x8mm