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Marta Costa Reis | Kodama

80 EUR 60 EUR
Marta Costa Reis Portugal

Necklace for Tincal lab Challenge 2016 "Jewelry and Cinema"

"One of Marta's favorite movies is Mononoke Hime. She loves everything about it and all of Hayao Miyazaki work. 
The sweet and sour feelings his movies convey are very much like the general experience we go through in our lifes. Good and evil, light and dark, pain and pleasure and all the contrasts we can find are part of the universal mystery we try to understand. We hope there is more light than shadow, although we are never too sure. The little kodama spirits arising from the woods are – for Marta – the embodiment of this belief that good will prevail."

Materials | gold plated brass, black synthetic cord
Size | 70x70x8mm , length of cord: 52cm