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Louise Seijen ten Hoorn | untitled

Louise Seijen ten Hoorn | untitled

100 EUR
Louise Seijen ten Hoorn The Netherlands / UK
Earring for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

"Stamping, or mechanical press forming, are a common process in mass-produced jewelry sold on the high-street. The cost of producing a stamp is high, and therefore usually reserved for large quantity production ranges.
To create the hand for the earring, Louise carved and moulded a simple tool, mimicking this industrial process.
Developing ideas and work methods are a crucial part of Louise’s day to day practice. The hand, historically known as the “tool of tools” symbolises this creative process. The blood red hearts are a reflection on the challenges and rewards of being a creative practitioner."

Materials | silver, cold enamel
Size | 80x16x12mm