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Lieta Marziali | Empathy

100 EUR
Lieta Marziali Italy/UK

Necklace for Tincal lab Challenge 2016 "Jewelry and Cinema"

"Based on clues from Ridley Scott's dystopian classic “Blade Runner”, these pieces represent fundamental elements which make replicants “more human than human”: Empathy, Soul and Memories. Materials are carefully chosen to fit the narrative, with the concepts of imitation and remodelling central to the making process.
The replicants show that they are more human than human, not because they are perfect but because their fragility and emotions are unfeigned, as are their thirst for life and search for freedom. They are the self-aware engineered slaves to masters unaware of the privilege of their own natural reality. "

Materials |  Greencast (100% recycled acrylic), Ecosilver (100% recycled), bonded / reconstituted leather (reclaimed), vintage faux pearl (reclaimed)
Size | 40x120x4mm, length of chain: 35cm