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Lieta Marziali | DIS - POSABLE

Lieta Marziali | DIS - POSABLE

100 EUR
Lieta Marziali Italy / UK
Brooches / necklaces for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

"Today the word technology is very much associated with automation, progress and comfort. It has lost much of its original meaning of a discourse on making things. But what if, together with easiness, technology also brings carelessness? What if new ways of making things do not in fact equate with progress?
The DIS - POSABLE cutlery pins wish to bring, in a fun and colourful way, the discourse back into the equation: creating value for reusable items, and above all creating dialogue through “posing” and not “disposing”."

Materials | reusable plastic cutlery, reclaimed beads, stainless steel, linen cord
Size | 170x28x20mm, 185x23x20mm, 170x40x30mm