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LEÃO Contemporary Jewellery | Lagoa

LEÃO Contemporary Jewellery | Lagoa

100 EUR
LEÃO Contemporary Jewellery | Maria Leão Torres Portugal
Ring for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

"Wicker, reed, straw and wood.
Hands that entwine, that sew and reap.
The basket that comes by the hand and collects the bread.
Well treated fibers, vessels with beautiful patterns.
Crossed, piped, coiled, twisted baskets
With and without frames.

LEÃO Contemporary Jewellery® saw in the traditional Portuguese basketwork technique an opportunity to elevate it to the notion of jewellery, because of its beautiful patterns and the mastery of manual processes applied in the making.
The brand presents 3 rings, the type of jewellery that has more contact with the hand, in a form of homage to the craftsmen who make the material culture more interesting and striking. The patterns and the perfect repetition of shapes to the scale of jewellery are achieved by digital drawing and laser cutting of a single sheet of metal, which is then shaped, finished and gilded by human hand.
Camacha, Nantes and Lagoa appear in the present and future, necessary, dialogue between artisanal work and CAD, holding hands."

Materials | gold plated silver
Size | 5x30x40mm (ring size: PT21 - ⌀1.925cm)