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LEÃO Contemporary Jewellery | Call Zero!

100 EUR 75 EUR
LEÃO Contemporary Jewellery | Maria Leão Torres Portugal

Necklace for Tincal lab Challenge 2016 "Jewelry and Cinema"

"The Grand Budapest Hotel is a fantastic example of filmography! Wes Anderson not only managed to create a story that is engaging and beautiful, but also made an aesthetical and plastic masterpiece with this movie.

“Mr. Gustave Room” & “Call Zero” are based on its colour palette, light hues of blues, pastels, lilac, and pastel-pink like the original Palace Bristol Hotel which also inspired Anderson. The shapes of the pieces, like the Mendl's “Courtesan au Chocolat” cakes, resemble the traditional “Religieuse” French pastries made of two choux pastry cases, one larger than the other.

With the hotel imagery in mind, “Call Zero” was also purposely made to look like an old-school housekeeper bell and “Mr. Gustave Room” as key holder or door handle decoration. These pieces are versatile and can either be worn like pendants or used as home décor. "

Materials |  acrylic, silver, vitreous enamel, cotton cord
Size | 105x35x40mm, length of cotton cord: 35cm