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Larum | Jasmin de Mamy

90 EUR
Larum | Ana Suzete Lopes Portugal

Ring for Tincal lab Challenge 2016 "Jewelry and Cinema"

"The history of cinema is made of men and their women. Women are mostly known by their bodies and their pretty faces, only a few women are remembered by their names. Ana chose the feminist side of cinema and was inspired by the characters of real and strong women in the movie Persepolis.
This animated movie is the history of the author/director Marjanne Satrapi, who grew in the tempestuous times of revolution and war in Iran. The way she deals with religious fanaticism and women oppression is quite inspiring and still very true in our days, sadly. " 

Materials |  silver
Size | 50x30x30mm
Unique size: PT17 (‚¶į 1,825cm)