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Kiwi on the Road | Karma + Lotus Flower

Kiwi on the Road | Karma + Lotus Flower

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Kiwi on the Road | Huai-Huai Lin Taiwan
Necklaces for Tincal lab Challenge 2017 "Jewelry and Music" - Karma (piece on the left) can also be worn as a bracelet (it has an elastic)

"Inspired by the story "Siddhartha" written by Hesse Hermann, the passage is about wandering Siddhartha made a poetry for rich and beautiful courtesan Kamala, hoping to impress her and win a kiss. Indeed Kamala was impressed and greatly pleased, and the story described that after hearing the poetry, Kamala "loudly clapped her hands, so that the golden bracelets clanged." which provides a musical element for readers, and to imagine her excitement and graceful movement. Her jewelry here represented her blossom beauty and her wealth, the sound of her bracelet clanged is like ringing bell, announcing the fall - Kamala falling in love and Siddhartha's fallen in morality afterwards."

Materials | Karma: silver, bronze, garnet, elastic line | Lotus Flower: silver, bronze, blue cord from Nepal
Size | Karma: 16x16x16mm | Lotus Flower: 23x21x14,5mm