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Kairi Sirendi

Kairi Sirendi

80 EUR60 EUR
Camilla Luihn Norway
Brooch for Tincal lab Challenge 2017 "Jewelry and Music"

"The most important and necessary music to listen to is silence. 
But what does silence mean? How to listen to silence? Is this the lack of sounds? Is that the emptiness in the room? Is it too much or is too little? How to keep silence? How to see silence? Can you touch it? 
There are so many different notes in the silence that in reality become one of a complex, so clear and harmonious. But also so incomprehensible and deafening symphony. Silence - this is the most meaningful melody."

Materials | tree fungus, silver, steel
Size | The Semiquaver or  1⁄16: 20x50x30mm | The Demisemiquaver or  1⁄32: 20x65x30mm | The Hemidemisemiquaver or  1⁄64: 20x80x25mm