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Jewellery Meets Illustration Catalog

Jewellery Meets Illustration Catalog

10 EUR
From illustration jewelry is born, from jewelry illustrations are born.
At the meeting point between these two creative areas, a space opens up in which a process of interpretation of forms and ideas is triggered, in order to create new objects.
Each selected illustration led to a piece of jewelry and vice versa.

The exhibition "Jewellery Meets Illustration" was originally part of the program of PIN's 10th anniversary and its opening was at Ó! Galeria in Porto on 9th May 2015. 10 jewelers and 10 illustrators were invited to integrate this experimental project. Now at Tincal lab it's possible to revisit a selection of the works presented in an exhibition with opening on 24th September.

Bilingual edition (Portuguese and English)
Curators - Aurea Praga e Katja Tschimmel
Illustration coordination - Ema Sara Ribeiro (Ó! Galeria)
Jewelry Coordination – Inês Sobreira (Board member PIN)
Production - Ó! Galeria and Na'Mente

jewellers: Ana Pina, Carlos Silva, Cristina Roque dos Santos, David Pontes, Isabel Ramos, Esad (José Carlos Marques), Liliana Guerreiro, Olga Noronha, Susana Teixeira and Teresa Dantas

illustrators: Daniel Moreira, David Penela, Hélia Aluai, Ivo Hoogveld, Júlio Dolbeth, Leonor Zamith, Maria Herreros, Mariana a Miserável, Rafaela Rodrigues and Tina Siuda.