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Enrica Prazzoli | #freethenipple

Enrica Prazzoli | #freethenipple

100 EUR
Enrica Prazzoli Austria
Necklace / nipple cover for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

"We live in an age of social media.
And a lot of contemporary jewelry is often seen in photograph rather than in person.
When photographed, these matte, flat, black shapes will likely look more like graphic intervention than three dimensional objects. But, rather than being a subsequent intervention (usually from an external force) these are in the hands of the wearer, that can use them to annoy, hide, play, block out, provoke.
Small squares, reminiscent of dead pixel on a screen; a rectangle, ideal to hide the eyes and someone’s identity, and two X shapes (enough to preserve decency?)."

Materials | EVA, textile, chain
Size | 780x120x6mm