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Dina Abargil | White Chalk Sat Against Time

Dina Abargil | White Chalk Sat Against Time

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Dina Abargil Israel
Necklace for Tincal lab Challenge 2017 "Jewelry and Music"

"White Chalk is a minimalistic album, yet powerful. P.J. Harvey has the ability to ''suck one'' into her magical world. The music feels introverted and morbid, dominant piano cords alongside a silent harp and sitar, caressing the ear in an almost disturbing way. Even so, the song sequence feels so cleverly coordinated, that it is almost impossible to let go of listening more, enhancing all emotions then letting them out ''catharsis like''. This album inspired Dina to create pieces based on the theme song White Chalk. Its lyrics guided her to create a figment of longing, simple yet powerful and almost mystical."

Materials | wood, burned wood, gesso, silver nails, oxidised silver, leather
Size | 430x80x30mm