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Cristina Celis | Round and Round

Cristina Celis | Round and Round

100 EUR
Cristina Celis Mexico
Brooch for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

"The development of basic tools, wheels, pulleys, cranes are the simplest most basic instruments for manipulation of our environment through technology. Created for a specific purpose, they have lessened physical barriers and allowed humans to simplify their everyday lives throughout civilisation.
Today, Low-Tech makes sure we remember our mechanical heritage and human interaction with nature and its forces. Low-tech is simple, reliable and energy efficient.
Wheels and pulleys are Low-Tech, they are used to transmit energy and motion, they reduce the amount of force needed to lift a load. Simplicity and motion.... practical extensions of the human body."

Materials | tinted stoneware, silver rivets and back and steel pin
Size | 85x50x20mm