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Cristina Celis | Pause + Forward + Rewind

Cristina Celis | Pause + Forward + Rewind

33 EUR24.75 EUR
Cristina Celis Mexico
Rings for Tincal lab Challenge 2017 "Jewelry and Music"

"Cristina Celis was inspired in the technological aspects of listening to music.
She works with the concept of how mobile devices have become a form of democratisation of music and sound.  Her pieces speak of how technology and connectivity have fostered music sharing on a global scale and have influenced the way we define music today. She illustrates how people perform their everyday activities with ear buds and portable digital gadgets in their hands, their pockets and their backpacks transforming media players from a technological gadget into a cultural icon."

Materials | pigmented porcelain, gold leaf
Size | Pause: 20x25x21mm (PT17 - ⌀1.825cm) | Forward: 20x25x23mm (PT14 - ⌀1.725cm) | Rewind: 22x38x21mm (PT12 - ⌀1650cm)