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Cleopatra Cosulet | Behind Unknown I

Cleopatra Cosulet | Behind Unknown I

100 EUR
Cleopatra Cosulet Romania
Brooch/pendant for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

"The steps made towards tomorrow turn the unknown into known. Will, wishes, curiosity and aspirations motivates humanity to build paths through possible but not always probable realities. Knowledge is acquired, stored, processed and allows us to evolve. Questions are answered and new ones are emerging. How far can we get? Where are the limits? Are there any? Individuality and uniqueness influence each response and determine each action. Human touch changes the world on his way through presumptions, assumptions and discoveries."

Materials | resin, thermochromic pigments, artificial eyelashes, brass, steel wire, cord
Size | 100x100x16mm