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BYCB.Jewelry | Pick Me Up

BYCB.Jewelry | Pick Me Up

50 EUR37.50 EUR
BYCB.Jewelry | Cristina Barros Portugal / UK
Rings for Tincal lab Challenge 2017 "Jewelry and Music" - can also be worn as a pendant.

"Inspired by guitar picks, these rings are a perfect match for music players. In plastic and silver versions. A versatile piece of jewelry meant to be used as a ring. It's both a pendant and a guitar pick."

Materials | silver, guitar pick
Size | 31x27x1,7mm (PT11 - ⌀1.625cm), 32x28x0,5mm (PT7 - ⌀1.500cm), 31x27x2,6mm (PT9 - ⌀1.575cm)