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Angela Malhües | Musical Town

Angela Malhües | Musical Town

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Angela Malhues Chile / Spain
Brooches for Tincal lab Challenge 2017 "Jewelry and Music"

"Angela Malhües creates these pieces from personal experiences in her youth in a musical environment developed in her hometown, showing the importance and influence that the artistic development of a place has had in her work.
Using modelling leather, leather paints, varnished brass, silver and thread, the project “Musical town” reflects a musical concept that is formally expressed in air out (airways), container spaces and the idea of visual sound.
"The compressed space contains musical notes. The blow releases them intentionally so the air transforms them into music. These jewels are small spaces containing visual musicality." "

Materials | brass, silver, leather
Size | Blowing: 53x85x2mm | Swish: 62x82x2mm | Compressing: 81x42x2mm