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Ana Ramalho | Griet

60 EUR
Ana Ramalho Brazil/Portugal

Ring for Tincal lab Challenge 2016 "Jewelry and Cinema"

"In “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, Griet is a protestant girl and she’s suposed to wear modest, unadorned clothing. The use of jewelry was not something that was expected from her. The Pearl Earring had no meaning by itself, but everything that surrounds it becomes as precious as inaccessible.

In the early scenes, the father gives her a painted tile by him. It’s her treasure. He’s blind now.

Something special must be expensive? Inaccessible? Don’t think so."

Materials | silver, swarovski pearl, cultured pearls

Size | 53x23x21mm
Unique size: PT15 (⦰ 1,750cm)