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Ana Pina | Orpheu

Ana Pina | Orpheu

80 EUR
Ana Pina Portugal
Brooch and bracelet for Tincal lab Challenge 2017 "Jewelry and Music".

"In ancient Greece, Orpheus, legendary musician and poet, was known for being able to charm all living - and even inanimate - beings with the divine music of his lyre.
In the beginning of the 20th century the term Orphism was used to describe a particular kind of cubism developed by the couple Delaunay, that aimed to convey music through painting.
As symbol of the ability of arts to inspire each other, Orpheus is now present in this jewelry collection: an abstract and minimalist interpretation of the endless rhythm of circular movements of Delaunay’s."

Materials | brooch: silver, steel | bracelet: silver
Size | brooch: 70x70x4mm | bracelet: 65x65x4mm