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Ana Azevedo | Bionic

Ana Azevedo | Bionic

90 EUR
Ana Azevedo Portugal
Necklace and brooch for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

"Technology is consistently connected to the future. In Ana’s view technology and future means bionics - biologically inspired engineering. The future (and present) will always find a way to reconnect with biology, using and constantly improving the know-how of the past. Organic, clean and natural forms in a perfect symbiosis with the human body.
This mindset was the beginning for the creative process behind the two pieces presented by Ana. Two organic and abstract forms connecting biology and technology (electronics) that humans can wear."

Materials | silver, modelling clay, ceramic condenser
Size | pendant: 50x30x17mm | brooch: 40x35x25mm