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Alberto Ghirardello | Sexy

Alberto Ghirardello | Sexy

69 EUR
Alberto Ghirardello Italy
Ring for Tincal lab Challenge 2018 "Jewelry and Technology"

"Alberto Ghirardello has taken up the challenge launched by Tincal lab to work on the theme Jewelry and Technology designing two new pieces exclusively conceived for this exhibition, which are expressions of the possibilities offered by 3D SLS / SLA printing.
A dark very complex molecular shape and a pop-coloured much simpler smooth one, two totally different rings united by the will to enhance the digital manufacturing process: both jewels’ geometry are in fact irreplicable with technologies different from SLS / SLA 3D printing."

Materials | synthesised nylon PA12
Size | 27x12x25mm (ring size: PT14 - ⌀1.725cm)